Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"The Miracle"

"Kissing The Face Of G-d"

As a Messianic Jewish women I know that this was not the time of our Saviors birth, however during this season this give me the opportunity to acknowledge the coming of my Messiah!
This is a great time to look at the walk we have with the L-rd, reflecting on how we all from time to time need to travel back to the beginning of our faith, realizing that it was in are innocents when G-d always showed up...just as He did in the BEGINNING!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"We Are One Israel"

Prayer for Our Children

This prayer in new translation of "Book of Prayers for Jewish Women" by Fanny Neuda-a rebbetzin in Germany in 1855. It touches me so much...I thought perhaps it would bring comfort to others.

Please for sake of the mothers and father of these men and all soldiers who go to battle and don't come home, let us not forget our children in prayer!

"From a Mother Whose Child is in Military Service... Almighty ruler of armies, you who reign mightily in Heaven and on Earth, I raise my prayer to you from the depths of a mother's heart.

Turn your presence toward me and hear me in your mercy.

Following the call of duty, my child has entered the ranks of those who fight on behalf of our country to stand for what is right and proper, to fend off threats to our nation's peace and security.

I thank you, Eternal G-d, for having given me a child strong, healthy limbs, capable of carrying out this valiant task, it shakes and terrifies my heart to think of the many dangers that will surround him. Young and inexperienced, far from the instruction and admonitions of his parents, how easily his heart might be tempted to be unfaithful to his duties and to fall into sin.
Therefore I beg of you, Eternal G-d, take my child into your powerful protection. Surround him with your all encompassing grace.

Strengthen and invigorate every noble feeling and every impulse toward good that is within them.

Strengthen and invigorate every memory of parental guidance, and advice that rises up in his soul, the teachings of virtue and that fear of G-d will never vanish from his sight.

That his soul does not turn hard under the service of arms and that no corrupting influences overcome him.

All Compassionate One, grant my child insight and strength, vigor and endurance, to fulfill his difficult duties with care and alertness so he may not be guilty of evil or transgression, and that he would not become confused or unstable amid unrelenting chaos.

And when the hot, difficult hour arrives when they are called out to the battlefield where death holds its harvest, there Eternal G-d, surround them with your mercy. Let your grace serve as a shield and as armor. Steady there arm, pour courage into their heart, and let the memory of the ancient heroes of Israel stir in their breast, allowing them to enter the fight with strength and resolve. Let my child, through his bravery and valor, bring honor to our people and show faithful service to our nation.

Almighty G-d, hear this mother's prayer for her child! Let my maternal blessing surround him like a guarding banner, so they shall return with their service well completed, healthy in body and spirit, adorned with signs that they fulfilled their duty and that they have been recognized and praised to the joy of my heart, to the glory and praise of your name. Amen

"Dinah Berland worked with a translator to bring this prayer into modern English and set them into verse. I hope they may bring some comfort to others.

As we all know not all of our children will return home to the loving arms of their mothers.
My prayer is for all the mothers and father who now have empty arms that they would be comforted by the Eternal Parent, the Great and Awesome Hashem, the one who knows what it is like to lose a child! May we all be comforted that one day we will see again the ones we love so dearly!